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Our product range comtains a wide range of Ribbed Smoked Sheet, Powder Free Latex Examination Gloves, Polymer Coated Powder Free Latex Examination Gloves, Powder Free Nitrite Gloves and Powdered Latex Examination Gloves

Ribbed Smoked Sheet

Ribbed Smoked Sheet Rubber is commonly known as RSS. It is made directly from latex which is treated and then made to coagulate. The coagulated latex sheets are then air dried or smoked in ovens.The smoked sheets are visually graded on the basis of certain parameters and then packed in bales. Ribbed smoke sheets(RSS)taken out of smoke house are visually examined by holding against clear light & graded as RSS1X, RSS-1, RSS-2, RSS-3, RSS-4 & RSS-5 depending on the colour, translucency, bubbles, blisters, dirt, sand and other foreign matter.

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Powder Free Latex Examination Gloves

  • Protein content below 50ug/g

1. Chlorinated on the donning side of the gloves, and polymer coated on outside of the gloves 2. Inside chlorination create smoother donning for users 3. Outside Polymer-Coated offer a better protection from protein sensitivity, as the protein on the glove is covered by the polymer coat 4. Textured surface of the gloves offer better and stronger grip for users 5. Odorless 6. Protein content below 50ugg 7. The right choice in environment where powder is not desirable 8. Alternative for those hypersensitive to latex protein

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Polymer Coated Powder Free Latex Examination Gloves

  • protein content 50ug/dm2
  • powder level 2mg/dm2

1. Low protein content, less than 50ugdm2 2. Low powder level, less than 2mgdm2 3. Soft for ease donning 4. Excellwnt in Tensile Strength and Elogation pull to impart tear resistance. 5. Chlorination free with better grip.

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Powder Free Nitrite Gloves

. Latex free, eliminate potential skin allergy reaction 2. Thinner gauge provides better sensitivity feel 3. Textured surface with better grip 4. Superior in tear, puncture and abrasive resistance 5. Ease in donning and durable.

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Powdered Latex Examination Gloves

  • protein content 200ug/dm2
  • powder level 10mg/dm2

. Low protein content, less than 200ugdm2 2. Low powder level, less than 10mgdm2 3. Soft, comfortable and tactile with hhigh level of sensitivity 4. Excellwnt in Physical Tensile Strength and Elongation thus avoid tear prone.

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skim block

A by-product derived from skin latex produced during the centrifuged process.Skim block is widely sold to countries like USA, China, Europe, Middle East, Korea and Taiwan.Packaging is in 1.2 MT and 1.26MT.Wooden pallets.

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SMR rubber products

We produces SMR10STR20 and SMR20SMR10 are technically specified natural rubber products derived from field coagulum also commonly known as cup lump.Our SMR rubber products are among the best and assured quality product in compliance to ISO Certification and Accreditation.

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Centrifuged Latex

  • Weight 206kg

Latex Concentrate is derived from Field Latex and is processed into 60% Dry Rubber Content(DRC).Latex Concentrate has a wide applications in manufacturing balloons, condoms etc.It is also used as an adhesive in many different types of industrial applications such as for carpet base.Latex concentrated is packed and shipped in two types of packaging method. 1. Steel drum of 206kg each(A choice of 80drums or 98 drums per 20 feet container) 2. Non-returnable Flexi-bag of 20 metric tons per 20 feet container

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